Can’t put it down? Thrillers for kids…

Yes, the library has the new Rick Riordan book House of Hades. Two copies, of hades

But if you are looking for a new gripping adventure, you might like to read the new Michael Vey novel...Battle of the Ampere. What? You haven’t read the first two??? 

Michael Vey series by Richard Paul EvansMichael is charged with electricity — strange events have always happened to him — that’s why he and his mom live off the beaten path in Idaho. Not only is he an awkward 14 year old, he also has Tourette’s Syndrome, which makes him an object of bullying, mostly due to his facial tics, a result of Tourette’s. He doesn’t fit in with most kids in school, and the girls avoid him whenever possible. His only friend is Ostin, the class brain, who also endures teasing and pranks. Together they endure the pain of high school, until one day the bullying goes too far, and Michael hits back. He zaps three bullies twice his size, and suddenly he has the respect of a lot of kids.

There are others. Other kids who are electric, too. Why? How? And suddenly when Michael’s mom is kidnapped, there are even more questions.  Michael and his friends have to find the answers to rescue his mother from the bad guys. Very. Bad. Guys.


The Last Thing I rememberThe Last Thing I Remember by Andrew Klavan is an engrossing, white-knuckle, stay-up-until-2:30-to-finish-it type of book. It is Book 1 of The Homelanders series; the library has Book 2 also, The Long Way Home.

Imagine just being a normal high-school student with the ordinary worries of homework, tests, if a certain girl likes you, practicing karate…Oh, that isn’t hard for you? Okay, now imagine waking up the next day strapped to a chair, dried blood and bruises all over you, and hearing a voice outside the door, say softly, “Kill him.” And this is just through Chapter Three…

But Charlie West isn’t going to let that happen without a fight. He’s the best student in his karate class (or was — suddenly there’s no karate class anymore) and now he has to use it to survive. And he has to use all his brain power to figure out what has happened, where he is, what happened to his parents, and who are the terrorists that are tracking him. And why.

If you don’t love this book, the librarian will give you your money back. What money? Never mind…


We the Children, by Andrew Clements

Fear Itself by Andrew Clements

For younger kids, the mystery series The Keepers of the School by Andrew Clements is a page-turner for sure. The first book in a projected six-book series is We the Children. Ben and Jill are locked into a race to stop their historical school on the coast of Massachusetts from being demolished and the seaside property turned into an oceanside amusement park. There are clues and riddles a plenty, as well as people who seem to be good guys turning out to be pretty sneaky bad guys. Just who can they trust? These are cliffhangers; take out two of them at a time… The library now has the new fifth book in the series, We Hold these Truths.


The Dragon's ToothI’ve been meaning to read N.D. Wilson’s newest series for a year now. For awhile, it was always out when I wanted to take it home; it is a lengthy 482 pages, and I didn’t want to hog it in case I didn’t get it read quickly.

Hah! No danger of that. The Dragon’s Tooth is a non-stop action, can’t- put-it-down sort of book. I was reading it while I cooked dinner; I went to bed early, just so I could read it in bed. And if you are prone to nightmares, well…

It is creepy. People die. Sometimes the evil person is disguised as a friend; and sometimes the person least expected turns out to be a friend. There is a secret society; there is magic; there are battles between good and evil; there is a Hogwarts-like school for apprentices. And there are snakes…

Christian metaphors abound — especially as you read further up and further in the series. Reviewers are comparing Wilson’s writing to C.S. Lewis and Rick Riordan. Recommended for grades 6+.

This is Book One of The Ashtown Burials; N.D. Wilson’s other series was the 100 Cupboards.


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