E-Books at the library

Thanks to the Hometown High Q team’s amazing performance last year, the TCS Library has been able to purchase a new e-book collection.  Trinity’s High Q team last year — Alex Murph, Jack Worsham, and Evan Thomas — earned a grant for Trinity’s library by getting so far in the tournament. The generous grant, underwritten by Westfield Insurance, enabled the library to purchase fifty e-books on a variety of non-fiction subjects for middle school and high school, such as Literature criticism, Biographies, History, Contemporary Issues, and World Geography.

All e-books are identified on Library World by this little icon.

All e-books are identified on Library World by this little icon.

The electronic books are cataloged on Library World just like a regular book. The difference is, rather than going to the shelf to find the book, you just click on the screen words Electronic AccessIf a login screen appears, use your TCS library card number, and then the “book” will appear on your computer (or laptop, or tablet, or smartphone.)
For home access, the e-books can also be downloaded in both EPub and PDF formats, which accommodates most e-book readers. Log in with your TCS library card number and instructions will be sent to your email address for downloading the book to your device or your computer.




Library World now has mobile apps for  IPhone, IPad , Android.  Click on the links to download the apps to your device. This is great for downloading copies of the new e-books.

For a list of the electronic resources that the library purchased you may click on this link: Electronic Books purchased for TCS



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